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Liquid Ring Vacuum Compressors: Providing you the safety, efficiency and profitability.

Liquid Ring Vacuum Compressors: Providing you the safety, efficiency and profitability.

vapour recovery treatment plant

An ideal solution for a variety of applications especially gasses and vapours recoveries, the liquid ring vacuum compressor is always a must when safety is a critical requirement. It has been found useful to handle flammable or corrosive substances that are found in chemical processing, chlorine processing, CO2 treatment, ozone bleaching, vinyl chloride-monomer (VCM) or aromatics recover as well as water treatments.

This liquid ring technology’s ability to use any type of service liquid (eg. Water) to create a seal makes them suitable for dealing with applications in which process contamination is prohibited. It is able to provide you with higher efficiency operation with lesser downtime and maintenance costs.

How Do Liquid Ring Compressors Work?

  1. An impeller with curved blades rotating inside cylindrical casing. The casing is filled with service liquid but are typically water
  2. Centrifugal force is created by rotation here and it forms a moving tinf of fluid against the interior wall of the casing.
  3. The outflowing section of the liquid ring starts to expand volumetrically. This is when the gaseous process medium to be drawn through the inlet port in the guide plate.
  4. The medium is compressed, and the volume is reduced in the inflowing section
  5. The medium and the service liquid is discharged through the outlet port in the guide plate after the compression.

How does liquid ring compressor works

Why choose Flowserve liquid ring compressors?

Flowserve KPH Liquid Ring Compressors
Flowserve LEH Liquid Ring Compressor
Flowserve LPH Liquid Ring Compressor
  • Pumping of nearly all gases and vapors
  • Non polluting dur to a close to isothermal compressions
  • Oil-free, as no lubrication in the working chamber
  • Additional liquid can be handled with the gas flow
  • Easy maintenance and reliable operation
  • Low noise and nearly free from vibration
  • Wide variety of materials, therefore applicable nearly anywhere
  • Incorporated central drain
  • No metallic contact of the rotating parts
  • Full API 681 compliance   

Source: Flowserve 

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