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3" (76mm) Bolted Metal Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump

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Product Descriptions

Versamatic’s 3" bolted metal air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pump utilizes optimized casting designs to maximize efficiency, delivering high flow rates and excellent solids handling. Just one of the many AODD pumps Versamatic offers, this chemical-resistant diaphragm pump offers the highest flow of all Versamatic AODD metal pumps, meeting your fluid transfer needs quickly and reliably.

The leak-free design reduces downtime and ensures continuous operation. Suited for a wide range of applications, the 3" bolted metal pump features:

- A flow rate up to 273 gpm (1,033 lpm)
- Durable, robust castings
- Simple, low-cost maintenance
- Extended-life diaphragms
- Multiple connection and porting types
- Multiple air section materials available for maximum chemical compatibility
- This pump is ATEX compliant

Model Number Guide

Versamatic Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump Model Number Description 1 .JPGVersamatic Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump Model Number Description 2 .JPG

E Elima-Matic
U Ultra-Matic
RE AirVantage
Pump Size
6 1/4"
8 3/8"
7 3/4"
1 1"
4 1-1/4" or 1-1/2"
2 2"
3 3"

Wetted Parts
C Cast Iron
S Stainless Steel
H Alloy C
P Polypropylene
K Kynar
G Groundable Acetal
B Aluminium (screen mount)
Non-Wetted Parts
A Aluminium
S Stainless Steel
P Polypropylene
G Groundable Acetal
Z PTFE-coated Aluminium
J Nickel-plated Aluminium
C Cast Iron
Q Epoxy-Coated Aluminium

Diaphragm Material
1 Neoprene
2 Nitrile (Nitrile)
3 FKM (Fluorocarbon)
6 Santoprene XL
7 Hytrel
9 Geolast
Y FDA Santoprene
Diaphragm Series
Tef-Matic (2-piece)
B Versa-Tuff
FUSION (one-piece integrated plate)
Valve Ball Material Valve
1 Neoprene
2 Nitrile
3 (FKM) Fluorocarbon
6 Santoprene XL
7 Hytrel
8 Polyurethane
9 Geolast
A Acetal
S Stainless Steel
Y FDA Santoprene
Seat/Valve Seat O-ring Material
1 Neoprene
(FKM) Fluorocarbon
Santoprene XL
9 Geolast
A Aluminium w/ PTFE O-Rings
S Stainless Steel w/ PTFE O-Rings
C Carbon Steel w/ PTFE O-Rings
H Alloy C w/ PTFE O-Rings
T PTFE Encapsulated Silicone O-Rings
Y FDA Santoprene
Construction Design
9 Bolted
0 Clamped

Design Level
Miscellaneous Options
BSP Tapered Thread
CP Center Port
ATEX ATEX Compliant
FP Food Processing
SP Sanitary Pump
HP High Pressure
OE Original Elima-Matic
Flap Valve
HD Horizontal Discharge
3A 3-A Certified
UL UL Listed
OB Oil Bottle

Dimension Drawing

 Versamatic 3 inches bolted metal air operated double diaphragm pump dimension drawing . JPG

Technical Data

Versamatic 3 inches bolted metal air operated double diaphragm pump technical data . JPG

Flow Rate0-273 gpm (1,033 lpm)
Port Size
Suction3" ANSI 150 lbs. Class (DIN80)
Discharge3" ANSI 150 lbs. Class (DIN80)
Air Inlet1/2" NPT
Air Exhaust1" NPT
Suction Lift
Dry 16' (4.9 m)
Wet31' (9.4 m)
Max Solid Size (Diameter)3/8" (9.5 mm)
Max Noise Level93 dB(A)
Shipping Weight
Aluminium146 lbs (66.2 kg)
Stainless Steel245 lbs (111.1 kg)
** Stainless Center add50 lbs (22.7 kg)

Performance Curve

Versamatic 3 inches bolted metal air operated double diaphragm pump performance curve . JPG

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